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On behalf of our
Founder & National President

along with our beloved 
National Royal Mother


Lovingly extend our Royal Wave to you!

Our Founder & National Royal Mother RS Darnella with her Mom

Our Founder & National Royal Mother
RS Darnella with her Mom

DaddyGod, Bless Our Hands!

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My Dearest Royal Soarors,

The loving, yet powerful anointing of our DaddyGod

is all over, within and pouring out of me this morning,

particularly concerning the anointing of our powerful hands

as His Royal Daughters,

that I wanted to now release upon you.

Listen and be blessed….

DaddyGod, bless the work of my (our) anointed hands today; with them, may I (we) touch the hem of your garment to be made whole so that I (we) can then touch the heart, mind and soul to heal others. In the Name Lord Jesus I (we pray). Amen!”

Loving You Unconditionally,

My Signature

Your Royal Kingdom Sister
Founder & National President

P.S. Share this prayer to bless another  sister connected to you!

The DsOC Consecrates & Celebrates Purim 2015

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Video 1

Video 2

Audio Conclusion



All About Purim

We, the Royal Daughters of Christ, celebrate the release of our soarority nation during this most sacred celebratory holiday for God’s chosen people – Purim.  Sundown this evening, I will begin my consecration and celebratory period for Purim and I hope you’ll join me.

My company, Luxury Bargainista LLC, has designed a new made-to-order beauty treatment line based on Esther Chapter 2 in celebration of Purim 2015, “Queen Esther Collection” including bath salt, body scrub, and facial care featuring the finest Biblical oils to include frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, cedarwood and jasmine. Get your body ready for your king my Sisters: Order here

Congratulations Royal Soarors on our 5th year of manifestation! I’m expecting some suddenlies to take place immediately at the end of Purim – sundown Thursday (March 5th) evening and so should you be!


Today- March 3, 2015

The fast is from sunrise to sundown on Tuesday, March 3rd, and can take any form suited to you. If you have concerns, consult with your physician. If you can’t fast from food, consider fasting from something else that would occupy your focus and time during that period. For example, you could fast from television or other leisure activities. Set your attention on seeking God through prayer during the time you would be eating or doing those other things.

Even if you don’t feel led to fast, please join us in prayer for:


¯  Bless every Royal Soaror, Royal Son and their families indeed in their health, wealth, home, community and ministry;

¯  DaddyGod, continue to bring visionary clarity to our Founder and appointed leadership for the next level of organizational operation and national/chapter structuring for The Sons & Daughters of Christ, Inc.

¯  Provide us the tangible and financial resources that The DsOC, Inc. require to carry out and complete your vision;

¯  Lead us to the persons that are assigned to mentor and assist us as well as the land that is already paid for to build The DsOC Inc’s real estate along with every other paid in full resource that we need;

¯  Increase our love for You DaddyGod and one another as Royal Kingdom Sisters so that we can bring You honor and bless the world!


Prophetic Teleconference Audio

¯  DaddyGod, I ask you to bless me indeed with the Royal Son of Christ uniquely designed just for me;

¯  I pray for the wealth, health, anointing and prosperity of my king-to-be; open up the windows of Heaven upon him and pour him out abundant blessings he needs to find, receive and properly care for me;

¯  Open the spiritual eyesight of my king-to-be so that he will recognize me – his Queen Esther – when he sees me; then provide him instruction on the best approachment to me;

¯  Open my spiritual eyesight and heart so that I will be able to reject the counterfeit man and only recognize the chosen one;

¯  I declare the blocking or destruction of Vashti that would attempt to lead my king-to-be astray; if he is presently in the wrong relationship with Vashti, break the ties immediately and grace him with total liberty and complete freedom from her strongholds;

¯  Bless me with the inner and outer beauty treatments required to prepare my mind, body and soul for my future ministry marriage;

¯  Create in me a clean heart and renewed spirit from all past relationships or soul ties that I may be whole and complete upon the arrival of my king-to-be;

¯  Thank you in advance for my ministry marriage that will bless me, my husband, our families and communities indeed, bring you glory as well as save a nation!


¯  DaddyGod, I thank you for the king you’ve blessed my life with and ask You to bless he and I even more indeed for our benefit, Your glory and the world’s blessing;

¯  I pray for the wealth, health, anointing and prosperity of my king; open up the windows of Heaven upon him to pour him out abundant blessings in order to provide for me, our household, our ministry and our assigned nation;

¯  Totally open up the airwaves of communication between my king and I; give us a complete and compassionate understanding of one another in good as well as bad times;

¯  Bless our womb to have children if we so desire and/or bless our children/future generations to come that You’ve blessed us with;

¯  I seal our marital union with Your powerful protection from infidelity or divorce; if a Jezebel even attempts to encroach upon our marriage territory, I declare the blocking or destruction of her as well as any strongholds she has tried to release towards my king;

¯  Bless me more abundantly with the inner and outer beauty treatments required to prepare my mind, body and soul to emotionally and sexually attract and please my king beyond words;

¯  Create in my king and I a clean heart and renewed spirit from all past issues or problems within our marriage; I praise You Lord for our brand and fresh new ministry marriage start on this day;

¯  Thank you DaddyGod for my ministry marriage that shall go to an even greater level during this Purim season that shall bless us and save a nation! To you be all the honor and glory for a marriage made in and knitted by Heaven!


Excerpt Jewish Voice Ministries

¯  God’s protection of Israel, the Jewish People, and all their friends and allies.

¯  The Lord’s protection over Benjamin Netanyahu as he travels to the U.S. and speaks to Congress.

¯  The Lord to speak powerfully through Netanyahu and for many to not only listen, but to hear.

¯  The Lord to set in place His choices for Israel’s leadership through the coming election.

¯  The destruction of any plots to remove leaders who have stood against separating the Land of Israel, even any efforts that might initiate in the United States.

¯  And as always, pray for the salvation of the Jewish People of the world.

Enjoy Purim and please, please, please e-mail me your testimonies!

Love You Always,

Royal Soaror Darnella Moore​

Founder & National President

Founder’s Open Epistle to Her Royal Soarors

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DoC DauMy Dearest DsOC Royal Soarors!

I recently viewed a video released by Ambassador Juanita Bynum declaring this Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year- what DaddyGod has had us at The Daughters of Christ, Inc. walking out since our humble beginnings in 2010 – It’s a BRAND NEW SEASON TO SOAR!!! “TO SOAR” is the heartbeat of our named identity and organizational vision which we’ve been doing and shall continue to do.

Since canceling our Founders Weekend 2014 due to a death in my immediate family (by the way, thank you all so much for your prayers towards my (the Price) family and I), I have been quiet and still.  Additionally, per our organizational tradition, we all were on our DsOC summer break. Therefore, I wanted to reach out to you during our Royal Kingdom Family’s New Year celebration according to the Jewish Calendar to remind you that I Love you, am thinking of and praying for you.

My communication with you has been very little since Spring; please don’t take my silentness or stillness as an indication that The DsOC SOARority’s vision is dead.  On the contrary, it is yet ALIVE: DaddyGod is doing a BRAND NEW THING with respect to restructuring us corporately to include the proper set up of chapters to meet various state guidelines, etc. Successful leaders that I’ve gleaned from over the years advise the same thing to budding business leaders such as myself:

Always surround yourself by people smarter, wiser
and more experienced
than yourself when embarking upon an
entrepreneurial road that you’ve never traveled before.


I am blessed to already have such successful business, ministry and organizational leaders in my life as well as right here within our DsOC family — a couple of whom DaddyGod has impressed upon their hearts to mentor and offer their expertise to me with respect to building this blessed fraternity family (to include The Sons of Christ, Inc.) that shall impact the world for DaddyGod’s glory in a great way. These successful Royal Soarors have either built and/or presently manage successful companies/agencies and are excited about sowing their entrepreneurial gifts with me personally as well as The Daughters of Christ, Inc. corporately.  What a blessing!  In fact, presently and through November, I’m holding direct discussions and meetings with these experienced professionals that will result in us laying a refreshed and strengthened foundation from which The DsOC, Inc. can truly successfully launch and ultimately SOAR to impact the world as envisioned.

Coupled with obtaining wise counsel, I’ll also continue to keep myself spiritually postured and open to receive the releases of DaddyGod’s instructions to me as The DsOC Visionary before we organizationally move any further.  As Royal Sons & Daughters of Christ, we move on DaddyGod’s timing, not man’s! Can you shout a Royal Hallelujah with me!!!


In the meantime, continue to engage your fellow Royal Soarors in person, via social networking (visit our blogsite for links to Twitter/Facebook) and teleconferences that I’ll be hosting by invitation.  Once corporate level brainstorming is complete, I’ll be meeting one-on-one with current and future DsOC leaders.  You are DsOC Royal Family Member and welcomed contributor:  As such, please share your innovative ideas with us too by completing the Contact Form below.  Also, you want to remain in the DsOC loop, therefore, be sure your name/e-mail is on our National Email Listing thedaughtersofchrist@gmail.com as you don’t want to miss the release that is soon to come. Use this same e-mail address if you’d like to unsubscribe/remove your name from our listing.

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I personally thank each of you for your support, service, contribution and sisterhood to The Daughters of Christ Soarority and am looking forward to our Royal Soaring days ahead!

Royal Soaror Darnella, Founder

Royal Soaror Darnella, Founder

I Love Each of You Abundantly,

National President Royal Soaror 

Darnella First Name Signature